The Orchard House, 12 Post Office Road

c. late 1800s

The Orchard House, 2014

The Orchard House, 2014

One of many outlying buildings erected in late 1800s, all built by Robert Hoe III, to serve for various purposes around his estate and later on, for the Waccabuc Country Club.  These various buildings eventually became seasonal rentals to family members and friends and by the end of the late 40s and into the 50s, had passed into private hands.  They had fanciful names as seen in the list of rental properties from 1942 and 1943:

Garden Cottage
Swallow Cottage
Orchard Cottage
Foreman’s Cottage
Meadow Lodge

Joseph Mead Cottage
Jack’s House
Auntie Al’s Sheepfold
Cider Mill
Auntie Lou’s Cottage
Wee Croft
The Apartment