The Waccabuc Post Office, 2 Post Office Road


Some background: in 1900, Waccabuc … and all of Lewisboro … was very rural. Mead Street, still a dirt road and not paved until 1955, was a narrow segment off the Vermont Stage Road or the “post road” that ran from New York City through White Plains and Bedford and on through Danbury. There is a Franklin marker (as in Ben) in front of the WCC main clubhouse indicating that you are “52 miles from NYC”.

Mail arrived each day from Katonah in a four-seater stagecoach with its team of horses.  A siren blew when the mail was sorted and ready for pick up by the local populace. The original post office was built in 1880 (one source stated Sept. 1879) by Robert Hoe III for the growing Waccabuc community.  It was then the size of the present lobby.  The mail boxes were placed on the outer wall of the post office and were opened from the outside. Mr. Hoe, a Mead family relative, owned a 445-acre farm covering the present site of the Waccabuc Country Club and the East Ridge subdivision.  His farm, “Indian Spring” subsequently became the main WCC clubhouse in 1912.  Mr. Hoe also built and furnished a new schoolhouse on Schoolhouse Road (now part of the main house at # 11).

The post office has been enlarged three times in the 20th century.


In the early 1970s the U.S. Postal Department decided to close the Waccabuc post office because the building did not meet “the environmental standards for working conditions” for its employees (the building was falling down and there wasn’t even a lavatory!).  In August 1973 formal notice of the post office’s closing was sent to the residents.  At that time, the only residents’ association in existence was the Waccabuc Field Association (formed in 1960 to protect the legal rights, privacy and safety of Waccabuc residents, with particular reference to an influx of outside deerhunters).  The Field Association sent appeals to Senators, Congressmen, and Washington Postal Department officials.  In October 1973, it was agreed that the Waccabuc Post Office would remain open if certain requirements to the facility were immediately started.  It was at this time that Waccabuc Community Services, Inc., a not-for-profit corporation, was formed to take over the operation of the post office facility and finance the improvements. 

In January 1974, Waccabuc Community Services purchased the post office building from Mead Properties, Inc.  Renovation plans were approved and work was started.  During construction, the Post Office operated from the Waccabuc Country Club until its completion in the Spring of 1974.  In the lobby, on left wall above the postal scale, is a small photograph of the post office taken in 1975.  Since that time, the operation of the facility has been successful, with rental income from the Post Office Department covering about half the cost of owning and maintaining the building.  In 1981, Waccabuc Community Services transferred ownership of the Post Office to the newly-formed Waccabuc Landowners Council.  In 1998-1999 the Post Office spent $100,000 to expand the Post Office to its current size. 

c. 1932

c. 1932